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Qld labour day march has festive spirit, but will be hit by drought


If anyone believes a drought in the state of Queensland could hamper the event of the festive season, it's Pauline Hanson.

The member for Griffith has been hammering home the message that any effort to make Christmas special will be a massive disaster.

"There's the drought in Queensland," she said in an audio commentary released earlier this month.

"It's worse than it has ever been before.

"We are going to have a severe drought — it's going to be worse than any other year.

"That has happened before in the Northern Territory."

But what about the state's agricultural sector, which relies heavily on the Queensland Government's water allocation for farming?

As The Courier-Mail has previously reported, farmers in the central Queensland region saw an improvement in yields in 2014, due in part to the arrival of irrigation water.

But Mr Hanson's comments suggest that will not be the case in the weeks ahead.

The state government has announced plans to expand the water allocation for some rural households — which is currently based only on the use of surface water for irrigation — to ensure sufficient water is available on Christmas Eve.

However, the government says they plan to use it throughout the winter to "contribute" to the water allocation.

If you live in an agricultural community which depends on the Government's water allocation, this will mean your monthly bill is significantly more expensive, since it is now more expensive than ever to have sufficient surface water for irrigating your crops. Tom McAlpine, Queensland Rural Utilities

"We will spend a minimum of $3,900 a month on irrigation on Christmas Eve, with extra money of $2,800 being available in July and August for families who are currently without irrigation, providing they wish to use it," said the Northern Australia Watershed Management Authority.

"The allocation will be for a full year.

"If you live in an agricultural community which depends on the Government's water allocation, this will mean your monthly bill is significantly more expensive, since it is now more expensive than ever to have sufficient surface water for irrigating your crops."

Mr McAlpine estimates the additional cost per head of household could increase by up to three hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

"The difference is going to go on to pay for the extra irrigation money which people will be going into to buy other things, even in other parts of Australia," he said.

"I think you can reasonably predict that, by the time the water is available, at least 90 per cent of farmers who will have to pay will be getting at least five-sevenths of that allocatio
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What should you know about a house before you buy it?

1) It should not be expensive for you to live in

The house you decide to buy, when you start looking, should not be expensive for you to live in.

Why not? When you first decide to buy a house, the first question that comes to mind is "how much do I owe?". The answer to this question is usually in the tens of thousands or even tens of millions of dollars. If your salary is in excess of 30 times the household income or more, then you need a major investment which is not available right now and which could only happen if you sell the property you bought in the past.

If you have money today (or maybe if you have a significant savings in case you sell the house you just bought in the last month), then you should invest in a property that is expected to go up in value in the next few years, not buy one that is already sitting empty in the middle of an alley where some old lady sleeps in fear of falling off the roof. This might sound strange and expensive, but remember, a house with an appraised value of over $100,000 will have a much higher risk of being sold in the next 12 months than one with less than $50,000 as it is possible to sell it in a very short time period (10 to 15 days if you get permission from the landlady) and your deposit will not be guaranteed.

This means it is better to invest in a property that is not in a great hurry and is just on the verge of a realisation. Also, your own salary is in need of some investment and that's why you need to do a lot of research on the property before buying it. In the end, it is better not to get a deal for a house that you just bought in the last month. However, if you don't have the money, then you should not worry too much.

2) What exactly will it cost you?

As I mentioned previously, you should pay close attention to all terms and conditions of a house before buying it. You may also look into other things such as a property insurance policy or property taxes. Always ask the seller your personal opinion before doing the purchase before investing, and read carefully before selling the property. The seller's opinion might also provide a better deal than what you will get on your first visit to this house, but it should still be considered before deciding to sell your house.

Some houses with the greatest interest are those with the highest amount of equity. The reason for this is the fact that you can always use the equity in the house for any future purchases.

When I first bought a house, I was sure that my house was not worth it a
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Stephanie gilmore remains in contention at trestles. But she could be injured and missing, he said.

"I don't know how long they're going to keep her out," he said. "In theory she could be back for the first test tomorrow night. But I hope there is no injury."


Sam Sheedy

Tries: Healy (16), Sheedy, Ryan, O'Connor, Tippett, Sheycross, Scott, Egan (17), McDonough, O'Connor, McCall, Sheycross, Dickson, Foley

Cons: Sheycross

Cons: Sheycross

Finn Harpending

Tries: Kettleborough, Sheehan, Foley, Sheycross, Foley, Healy (16), O'Connor, Sheycross, McDonough (18), O'Connor, McCall (20), Foley

Cons: Foley

Finn Harpending

Tries: McCall (16), Foley (16), Sheedy (17), Foley, O'Connor (17)

Cons: Sheycross

Ewan Macdonald

Tries: O'Connor (8), Foley (8)

Cons: Foley

Saracens captain Stephen Moore said he would have been delighted if Foley had broken any of his bones after breaking his collarbone with the ball on Saturday.

"I'd say I was lucky at no great pain," he said.

"It's a bit of luck but I felt a lot better and it was a big blow when he did break his collarbone.

"He broke two of his vertebrae, which are good and important, but at the time I didn't realise how good the damage he did on Saturday really was going to be.

"My knee went to sleep and so it's disappointing for him. The bone is starting to give out in his neck, which doesn't bother me but the brain was very critical.

"But I'm a big rugby player and I would have enjoyed a bit of joy in the moment and I'm very pleased for him and certainly am more concerned about the damage to his shoulder after that first crash with his arm.

"For someone who is playing such a pivotal role in what I do every week, my mind was on the injured players."

Scott Williams also did not want to dwell on the injuries as they were "nothing major".

"There are all sorts of injury issues with the rugby, so it wasn't really on my mind at all," he said.

"He (Foley) will be back in a week or two when I feel better
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North qld flood mass evacuation attempt planned school camp for parents in west


It is believed more than 200 families could be forced from their homes in Queensland's west as a flood warning continues in central and north Queensland.

The Bureau of Meteorology forecast about 24 millimetres of rain has fallen on the north coast and about 40 millimetres of rain on inland areas.

But a second peak is forecast for Tuesday.

Environment Bureau's forecast includes strong gusts of wind on Tuesday and possibly the strongest storm to hit the north in a decade, with storm surge in excess of 200 metres and strong wind gusts up to 115 kilometres an hour.

Schools closed, parents evacuated

Schools in west Brisbane were closed as more than 150 families were told they could move from their homes after authorities warned of the risk of flooding in the area.

It is understood the warning had been extended to the area's biggest beach, Point Piper, and to a beach adjacent to the beach, Port Phillip Bay, after the threat had become more severe.

Queensland's government is also warning flood damage in the coastal city of Darwin.

At least 22 people have died from the heat, which is expected to hit about 25,000 people.

"We are asking the communities along this coastline to continue to put in place the measures needed to protect their homes and communities, and keep them at a lower risk," said Health Minister Jonathan Coleman.

The city of Hobart has also requested residents to put their houses and property under water.

The region is one of the most severely affected in a heatwave that began last November and is thought to have already affected over 40,000 Australians.

Emergency services are working to establish how to get emergency supplies and staff in remote areas out of the region.

On Monday, the weather bureau said it could rain for several more hours before an eastern flood warning became effective.

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